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How do I take care of my hematite necklace?

Gems, minerals and precious metals are susceptible to certain harsh conditions. These conditions may be common place to us.

How can I tell the quality of my hematite beads?

Real hematite is a semiprecious stone. As such, like other stones, has its own characteristics. Because it is in a range of 5.5 to 6.5 on the hardness scale (1-10) it is softer than some gemstones. It isnít anywhere as hard as sapphire or a diamond, but not as soft as calcite. Also, because it is a form of iron ore, occasionally a "blood stain" that looks like rust may be present. Just the nature of the beast, so to speak.

Because of this, hematite can have characteristics such as scratches, "dings", flaking and at the extreme, breakage due to stress on it such as dropping. You can imagine with the hundreds of thousands of beads being produced and mingled together, there is more chance of these characteristics being present than with other harder semiprecious stones.

Be do our best to "cull" these characteristics so that you may build your own character with your necklace but we occasionally miss one. Just consider it the beginning of the character building process.

Am I getting "real" hematite?

We do our best to buy from vendors who say they are selling hematite (instead of hemalyke or hemateine). Since hematite is not something that is "certified" we have to take the merchantís word for it. Since the synthetic is almost in all respects identical to hematite, many merchants canít tell if their supplier sold them the real goods.

On occasion there may be a particular bead shape we cannot find in hematite and may only be available in the synthetic. We may purchase that bead to add to the variety of styles for our customers.

I read something about the healing power of hematite. Can you tell me about it?

I can only tell you what I have read. I canít vouch for the validity of the information. Check it out yourself and let us know. (insert link to email with subject: hematite healing testimonial). Since there has been so much said about this subject, we have devoted a separate page to the topic Ė The Healing Power of Hematite





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